Adopting A Positive Attitude

Why hello there lovely folks! If you clicked on this blog, you may be wondering what it’s all about. Now trust me, I’m no preacher and I’m not an expert (spoiler alert!), but what I am is observant.

I see people around me all the time struggling with school, with college, with their relationships, with their friends, with their family and above all else, with themselves. It happens to the best of us. One thing can go wrong, however minor, and suddenly it’s hard to not feel like you’re spiralling out of control. The thing that we all have in common is this sense of fear. Whether it’s a fear of failure or letting others down, we’ve all felt it at some stage in our lives and it can be a hard thing to deal with. But where we all differ, is how we respond to these things that set us back. You can let whatever it is get you down or you can move on and accept that things don’t always go to plan.

I’m not talking about any one thing in particular here, but I’ve been in weird frames of mind before and I know how consuming it can be. The thing is… life is short, as cliché as that sounds, yet it is also the longest thing that you will ever get to experience. There’s space for two lessons in knowing just that one small fact.

One: Don’t spend the short amount of time you have worrying about the things you can’t control when you could be out there simply enjoying your life.

Two: It takes an awful lot of energy to be angry or upset about something so why would you carry that baggage around with you into a new day/ month/ year? You’d be bloody exhausted if you did!

Now I know that not every situation is the same, sometimes it’s too hard to smile or sometimes you really just want to smash cookies into your face in a fit of rage, expressing that is all very important too. But for the smaller things in life… I think it’s important to learn how to switch up your frame of mind. So how do you go about doing that? The classic examples I could mention would be practising mindfulness or doing yoga or some other shi… I mean, some other things that some people say are useful. That’s all well and good but this isn’t one size fits all and personally, I just don’t find those methods work for me. I’ll just tell you what I do to calm down my inner demon in the hopes that it might give you guys some inspiration!

Watch Some Terrible, Terrible Television

“I’d be lyin’ if I… said this wasn’t good”

You know that mind-numbing type of stuff like Love Island or Jeremy Kyle? Yeah, just one minute of listening to other people waffle on will make you realise that “hey, life ain’t so bad!” You don’t have to worry about your boy Wes ‘mugging’ you off for some other girl in a bikini and you also don’t have to even think about ordering 25 DNA tests to find out who the father of your child is. (Terribly awkward if you do though and you’re reading this. Silver lining? Jezza will sort you out.)

Let Your Dog Lick Your Face

I know lots of people don’t like this. I mean I love my dog to bits but there’s one thing she does that always freaks me out… she somehow manages to stick her tongue up my nose all the time! It’s so gross but she gets so happy and excited with her little tail wagging all over the place when she sees me, it’s hard to not smile and laugh at her. So if you have a dog, let them cheer you up because believe it or not, they absolutely love to see you smile. If you don’t, head on over to your friend’s house because any dog person will understand the importance of little woof cuddles.

Have Your Lazy Days

Sometimes a gal just doesn’t want to put on makeup and while I do believe that dressing up makes you feel better, dressing down can also make you feel much more relaxed. So ditch the skinny jeans for a day, get into some mens sweatpants (for the extra room), throw your hair in a bun and order some Dominoes for the love of god. You won’t regret it!

Get Stuck In A Book

This works like the cheesy television programmes but instead of reading a soppy book, get into a murder mystery. They’re a great distraction and without sounding too psycho, they usually make for a very entertaining read because they get your brain working. Or alternatively, let your friends pick out a book for you because they might spot something cool you may have never went near in the bookstore. And yes, do go out and but it. There’s nothing nicer than having a physical copy of a book in your hands. 

Speaking Of Friends… 

Photo credit for above and featured image goes to my lovely friend:

Get out into the sun with them. Right now, we’re in the middle of a heatwave in Ireland which is just unheard of here. I just find that everything seems better when you’re out and about in nature, so I’m really trying to make the most of it now while it lasts. So get some sun cream on, get the ice creams out and go for walks (or if you’re lazy like me, go find yourself a nice spot of grass to sit on and chill!) This is sure to start making you feel better in no time. If it doesn’t, at least you’ve got a tan?

So maybe these aren’t your typical nuggets of advice but you have to find out what works  for you. I do these things all the time now and while I wouldn’t say I’m an extremely positive person, I do strive to be that way each and every single day. It’s something that I’m actively working towards. Much like this blog, I’m under construction in just the same way as everyone else is because we can always improve. I guess what I’m trying to say is, there’s always something to smile about and I think that’s the perfect note to end this on. Don’t you think?

I hope you enjoyed this little read and if you got something out of this, let me know in the comments below! Until the next time…





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