Chanel Moisturising Cream: My Experience

Hi folks, how are you all doing? *Squeal* it’s been a minute! Today I wanted to chat a bit about face creams and seeing as I’ve a (much used) pot of Chanel moisturiser sitting on my desk, I figure I may as well let you guys know what I think about it. First off, I’ve never used Chanel’s beauty range before so I bought this moisturiser awhile back just to test it out before I got anything else from the line. I know they do quite a wide range of different moisturisers for dry/ oily/ combination skin so if you’re thinking about purchasing you should try a few testers out first to see which one would suits your needs. That’s what I ended up doing and because my old face cream was in the trash, I decided to splurge.

I have incredibly dry skin and if I go a day without moisturising I really notice it. Dry skin feels tight, uncomfortable and even a bit itchy at times, so if you’re experiencing that, you may want to switch up your skincare routine. A good cream will help to combat the discomfort and ideally it’s something you’d use twice a day (morning and evening).

So is this cream any good any how much does it cost… (the two key questions!) In short, I would recommend this cream to anyone concerned with dry, flaky skin. You can check it out in store in Brown Thomas or follow this link. It retails for €66.00 at the moment and the pot itself weighs 50g, which is a decent enough size. 

Creamy and luxurious


It’s very soothing and the cream itself feels lightweight yet rich. The formula helps to repair and protect the skin to restore comfort and even after the first application I found my skin was more radiant and healthy looking.


It’s expensive so there must be a reason for that right? Well, yes I am led to believe so. What makes this cream special is the flower used in the creation of the formula. Camellia has an ultra-hydrating active ingredient called Camellia Alba PFA. This is what actually helps to restore your skins optimal moisture levels in the cells.


After 4 weeks of use, I did notice how much softer and smoother my skin felt. My face wasn’t as dry or as irritated as it once was and I think it’s definitely something that I plan on re-purchasing again once I run out (which will be another while because a little of this product really goes a long way!)

I think that to really get the full effect of this product, you would need to use this cream in conjunction with the other products from the rest of the range. But even on its own, I think it’s a great addition to any skincare routine and I would 100% recommend trying it out if you’re in need of a decent, reliable cream. I know I’ll be having a look at what else they have in the same line the next time I go shopping!

Or, you know, Christmas is coming *hint, hint* *eye wink*. If you have a special someone who is struggling with your gift and you want to try something new out, you could always put this on your wish list to help them out a little! 

Let me know in the comments below what kind of skin routine you’d usually go through and if you’ve happened to try this cream out as well, tell me how you got on! Until next time…



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