Tips for Good Skin

Hi guys! How are you all doing? I was sitting down a while ago wondering what I should talk about today with you and it just occurred to me that I should do something on skincare. Just recently I’ve switched up my everyday routine. From the products I use to my current diet to my fitness regime… and I’ve noticed how my skin has changed week on week because of it all. So if you want to get your skin glowing have a read below of some of my tips and let me know what you think about it! 


The first step to good skin is naturally going to be: take care of it! It’s important to keep a good skincare routine if you want to have skin that looks and feels healthy. Remember when you were younger and your mother would be giving out to you for not washing your face in the mornings? Well, she was right about it after all because regular skin cleansing is actually critical to maintaining healthy looking skin.

L'Occitane Shea Comfort Collection Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Oil and Light Comfort Cream
Try out the Shea Butter range from L’Occitane if you have dry skin like me

So where should you begin with the routine? Finding a good cleanser that works for you will really help you along your way. Whether it’s milk-based, a foam or oil, the cleanser you use will remove any buildup of dirt, oil and other unwanted debris on your face. You see, throughout the day the skin on your face picks up bacteria, pollutants, debris and old (dead) skin cells. Daily washing helps to remove all this and that’s why you should aim to follow this step once in the morning and evening.

After cleansing, the next step is toning. This should be considered just as important as cleansing but oftentimes people forget to follow up with it. A good toner will remove any remaining dirt or makeup that was left behind by the cleanser. Doing this twice a day will help soothe and nourish the skin as well as restoring its delicate pH balance.

Finally, you should moisturise! We all know what a good moisturiser can do for our skin but it’s very important to find the right one to match your skin type. A suitable moisturiser can help prevent and treat any dry skin. It can also help to protect sensitive skin and improve the overall skin tone and texture on your face. So if you follow these skincare steps every day and do a treatment once a week (exfoliate and face mask), your skin will be glowing in no time!

The Right Foundation

Ideally, we wouldn’t have to wear makeup every day but if you’re in a job that requires you to glam up or just simply look your best, it’s hard to get around not wearing it. The key is to find the right foundation that works with your skin, not against it. If you enjoy a full coverage look but you’re worried about blocking your pores, you should try the Vichy range that I mentioned before in a previous post. Their Dermablend products are designed for those who suffer from the occasional breakout and their formula is kind to skin, so much so you can even sleep in it! (Though, I really don’t recommend trying that out either). If you prefer a medium coverage powder-based foundation, I would recommend trying out the Bare Minerals range. I used to use their foundation pots all the time with the Kabuki brush and I loved the natural look it gave me. These powders are also kind to the skin as you might guess by their brand name and are full of essential minerals!

Just try it out for yourself

Whatever you choose, just make sure to follow the proper aftercare when removing it all at the end of the day and you won’t have to worry about any blemishes popping up! Simple as.

Clean Your Brushes

Or as in my case, clean your beauty blenders! I know it’s hard and it can be a bit annoying but ideally you should be washing your makeup brushes and sponges once a week. Now, that’s for a very organised person. I’d like to say I do it every two weeks (at a push). But it’s actually such an important step. If you use the same utensils every single day, they’ll understandably get a bit dirty. Now just imagine if you could actually see all the bacteria, dirt and grime on that sponge underneath all the makeup stains? You’d never use it again! So wash them as regularly as you can, generally hot water and liquid hand soap works best.

Who wants a dirty beauty blender?

Pro tip on getting makeup stains off a beauty blender? Get some tinfoil and mix olive oil and washing up liquid together on the sheet. Roll the sponge over the mixture and after a minute or two of this wash it out under warm water and it’ll be brand spanking new again. Seriously, try it out!

Drink Often 

I’m talking about water obviously, not Jägerbombs! Try and go for non-carbonated, just plain and simple water. On an average day with moderate exercise, I aim for two litres (obviously excluding other liquids). On a heavy cardio day, I aim for about 3 litres. I just listen to my body now and if I find it needs a bit more fuel, I’ll throw some water back. In terms of other drinks, I tend to stick with either green tea (great for cleansing the skin from within) or plain black tea. I also drink a lot of coffee with almond milk- reducing the amount of dairy in your diet even by a small bit will have a significant benefit for your skin! Don’t believe me? Well I can let you know that dairy products, even those that are organic, contain hormones that stimulate your oil glands. The hormones are concentrated in the fat so if you’re a die-hard milk-lover, maybe give skimmed milk a whirl and see if it does anything for your pores.

Sweat It Out

Exercise is just so important you guys but of course, it’s kind of like eating- everyone does it differently. Find what works for you and stick with it. Some people love a good sweat and lean on cardio to get that effect whereas others prefer the dry route and head for the weights. Whichever you prefer, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re moving.

For me, I like the sweat so if I can do a heavy cardio workout and get the heart rate up, I really feel like I’m doing something right. I’ll probably go into my fitness routine in detail at some other point but I try and stick to a good, solid 45 minutes of cardio per day. Sometimes it can be less, other times it can be more. Saturday I usually take as a rest day and Sundays I might go on a short hike or just do something leisurely just to get out and get some air. Weights I do every second day but I don’t kill myself with them. Above all else, squats, crunches and stretches also happen every day for me.

So all in all, if you put in a good 45-60 min worth of exercise a day, you’ll start to feel so much better and your skin will really thank you for it as well. Why, do you ask? Well, I think for me when I sweat buckets, I’m more conscious of filling up on water to replenish what I’ve lost so it does make you drink a lot more which is an added bonus.

Eat Smart

Right, it might seem fairly obvious but eating good, clean produce is a must if you want your skin to glow. It doesn’t matter if you’re a meat-lover, a vegetarian or a vegan- just make sure that what you’re eating isn’t overly processed. I try and avoid foods with a high saturated fat, trans fat and sodium content, just because that is what seems to work for me. I love salty foods but I find that it really dries out my skin so keeping that salt content low helps to combat the dryness and the bloating effect too.

I don’t pay attention to the food pyramid, if you’re asking! Each day I just see what I need/ what I’m craving and I just go for it. But as a rule of thumb, I tend to carb up and get some fruit into my breakfast somehow. For lunch I go with high protein and dinner then is generally light enough. I try and cram in more protein again as a snack after a workout too.

Some of my go-to foods are: porridge, bananas, almond butter, sushi/ sashimi, chicken, eggs, salad, almond milk, soya yogurt and dark chocolate. But if you shove a protein bar in front of me I wouldn’t say no to that either! My motto is “don’t be miserable and eat clean, be happy and eat balanced.”

My go-to breakfast tastes so good!

Don’t forget the occasional treat too as well. Your skin may not thank you for it but your mind will and it’s important to keep that happy too! And on to my favourite and last tip…

Hit the Sack Early

Yes, you are allowed to be a loser that goes to bed at half ten every night. I used to be such a night owl but found I kept waking up the following morning sporting some serious bags under my eyes and tired-looking skin. If you want to get the most out of this overall routine, try getting some early nights even just a few times a week to let your skin rest and replenish itself. Who doesn’t love more z’s?

So there you have it folks! Just a few small tips to get you on your way to healthier and fresher looking skin. Of course, all of this isn’t bible but it’s definitely a good place to start if you are any bit unsure as to what to do. I’ve been following these steps for two months now and I will never look back. I feel great, I’m a lot happier and my skin looks and feels a lot less tired too.

Let me know in the comments below what you’ve tried to get your skin looking great and until the next time…



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