Quick Update

Hey guys! So I know, it’s been a while right? Well fear not folks, I’m back and I’ve got so many plans for this blog over the next couple of months. So what’s the deal? Where have I been and why haven’t you been seeing the ‘Favourites’ pop up in your mails the past while? Well, long story short: I’ve been SUPER busy. And not so much, at the same time.

I know that makes little to no sense but from the very beginning of me starting this blog, I always said I would post when I wanted to and not just for the sake of it. So over the last few months I’ve kind of taken a step back from the beauty community (which isn’t a bad thing if you ask me). My day job has taken over my life somewhat and it’s been a tough ride the past while. But on the plus side, being promoted and meeting new people and having a new work environment has really opened my eyes a lot and I’m pretty damn grateful for the opportunity. 

On top of all those changes and more personal stuff (which I don’t really want to get into just yet- maybe down the line) I’ve been pretty exhausted to say the least. This blog was literally the last thing on my mind. But something has changed in me recently and now I feel like I want to get back into this. 

My secret to balancing everything in life? Exercise. I’ve recently fallen in love with good ol’ exercise again and it’s been something I’ve been meaning to get back into for so long. So over the past few weeks I’ve been doing that and all the stresses and worries have simply melted away (for the most part at least). It’s such a good feeling and I think I want to share it with you guys and expand this blog as much as I can so maybe I’ll introduce you to my new day routine sometime soon. I think fitness and beauty are interlinked, because you can’t feel good about yourself on the outside if you’re not working on what’s inside as well. 

Great tip for exercising: get the right gear!

Phew! Rant over anyway guys. It may be in the next few days, it could be in a week, but I will be chatting to you all shortly about all the latest goodies I’ve spotted over the past while as well so keep an eye out! If there’s anything you’d like me to review or talk about, please feel free to get in touch. Even if it’s not beauty related, I’ll give it a go. Because life isn’t all about the perfect foundation- but it’s a good place to start!




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