Hiking in Lough Gur

Hey guys! I hope you’re all keeping well, I know it’s been a hot minute. So you might have been thinking “Huh?” when you saw this section pop up on my website but basically I wanted to keep a little corner of this blog free for fun activities, travelling and special moments. It’s something I’d been thinking about setting up for awhile now so I just said I’d go ahead and create it today. I made a conscious decision recently to try and do something active each weekend when I’m home, whether it’s climbing a mountain, discovering a new part of the country or even just going out sight-seeing with friends. I’m doing this because I find it really helps me wind down from my work week and it’s something to look forward to as well once Monday hits and the stress piles on.

So this section will have a sort of ‘on the go’ vibe, where I’ll be talking about how to weather-proof your makeup and get the most out of your active wear. I’ll also be doing a bit of travel style and chatting about cool new trends in the fashion world. But seeing as life isn’t all about makeup, I hope to share some fun pictures with you all too so you can join in on my travels as well. So without further ado… let’s get right into this!

Last weekend myself and my friend Dearbhaile decided to go roaming about the countryside for the laugh. I’m originally from Limerick in Ireland, as you may already know, and I only discovered recently enough that my family home is near a very nice lake (shameful, but you know it’s better late than never when it comes to discovering these kinds of things). But anyway, we had a great time together exploring around the area near Herbertstown and we climbed the hill which was a nice little bit of exercise. On top of all that, the weather was fabulous and I was just happy to see some sun, finally. It’s really beginning to warm up lately and the summer doesn’t seem so far away now. And look how pretty it all was! 

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 21.56.05
Knockadoon Hill

We had a lovely picnic at the base of the hill before we set off and we got some really cool photos on our way up too which was always going to be a plus! So I was feeling good and I decided to do some makeup that morning, nothing too over the top though because I knew it was going to be a long one. Before I get the whole “Why would you bother wearing makeup knowing you’re walking up a hill?” question I would say, why not? If you’re off on a day out, it’s sunny and you want to feel nice, I say you do you! So that’s exactly what I did. What’s the key to wind-proof makeup then, you may ask? Lots of powder apparently! 

As the weather is starting to get warmer I’m growing increasingly more reluctant to wear liquid foundation because I just feel it can tend to be a bit heavy and it can sort of slip off easily enough as the day goes on. So because of this, I kept my base pretty light. I used just a small amount of my Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, focusing most of the product on my nose and chin and blending outwards then towards my forehead and cheeks. I then applied a decent amount of the Armani Luminous Silk Compact Refill under my eyes to help really hold in the base product and mattify my skin. 

On the eyes I kept it pretty simple using the Royal Peach Palette by Kylie. I used shade Sorbet on the lids up to my eyebrow and I used a light dusting of the shade Peachy in the crease. I blended both colours outwards into a subtle ‘V’ shape. I then used shade Royal on the bottom lash line for a bit of an unexpected pop of blue. I topped it off with a load of mascara and opted to steer clear of eyeliner (does anyone else’s eyes start to water after applying eyeliner or is it just me?) I figured with the wind and everything I’d be best staying away from anything too complicated and as it turns out I was right too.

I then, of course, finished my face with a teensy bit of highlight and bronzer to give my skin a healthy glow. Et voilà, the look was complete!

Keeping it easy and cheerful

A black t-shirt, some ripped jeans and a choker finished off the look. I swear I hadn’t set out to have a rockstar chic kinda vibe but I suppose it’s how it worked out in the end and I have to say I kind of loved it. The overall makeup did well to last so long! We started out pretty early and before we knew it, it was 8 o’ clock in the evening so the day absolutely flew right past us. So just remember if you’re having a girly date and you want to stay fresh to death while you’re out exploring, use lots of powder! It’s the only thing that will keep your foundation on, trust me. I feel like I can really attest to that after experiencing the crisp breeze that battered us from the top of the hill. It was all very worth it though.

So I hope you liked this slight change of pace with this blog because I have a few things planned over the next couple of months and I can’t wait to share them with you all here. Let me know in the comments below what you all think as always and keep your eyes out for the monthly ‘Favourites’ which will be going live soon! Until the next time…



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