High Coverage Foundation… Without The Spots

Hey everyone, how are you all doing this week? I said I would drop by really quick just to fill you guys in on a little purchase I made recently that actually turned out to be a real gem. Yes, I have found one of the most amazing foundations out there and I’m so excited to share it with you all now. I’ve mentioned the Vichy Dermablend range before and how I use the Corrective Foundation Fluid religiously (it’s actually one of their best sellers and for very good reason). But they do have another foundation, that’s perhaps a little less well-known as it’s still a relatively new product on the market, and it really knocks the older version out of the park in my eyes. 

Today, I am talking about the Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation by Vichy. What’s great about this makeup is that you can get it in pretty much every major pharmacy which is super handy and it retails for just €23.00. It comes in a variety of different shades so you’re bound to come across one that will suit you. I usually wear shade 25 Nude in the best-seller foundation so I opted for that exact same colour in this new one as well.

Colours across the spectrum

So what makes it so special? Aside from how it turns out in person (which I will show you down below), it’s so easy and manageable to use. You can probably guess from its title what its main job is supposed to do: correct the skin. It’s actually specifically designed for those who have acne-prone skin and I honestly wish I knew about this brand when I was going through my teens. Believe it or not, I had pretty bad acne when I was a 15/16-year-old and for about a year my cheeks were just completely destroyed in painful spots. I used to always wear my hair down covering half my face because I was very embarrassed by it all and this in turn made it a whole lot worse because the oil from my hair would transfer to my cheeks resulting in what was a seriously hot mess. So after my doctor suggesting I use benzoyl peroxide to clear it all up, I was left with pretty dry skin and some scarring that I still have to this day. 

But this foundation not only works with problem skin to help fix it, it also covers it up too! How great is that? All you need is one layer of this and it completely smooths and improves patchy, spotty skin to really minimise the appearance of 3D imperfections. It’s all thanks to a texture innovation called Alliagel. Some pigments and soft focus agents that cover and blur imperfections are locked inside this gel and it unfolds like a second skin on to the face. This means it’s so lightweight and really feels like you’re not wearing any foundation at all.

It’s also enriched with salicylic acid and eperulin which soothes the skin and makes it feel a lot less tight and uncomfortable. It dries out matte and lasts up to 16 hours without getting overly oily or greasy on the face (which I can’t really say the same for the best-seller). It’s emulsifier-free so that when it does sit on the skin it still feels water fresh and very cool. But enough about me trying to tell you how it works, have a look below for yourself to see what it can do. 

The Before

I have a few scars/ redness on my cheeks

As you can see if I have some slight scarring and redness on my cheeks which, I mean, unless you’re really looking you wouldn’t exactly notice it too much. But still, it’s nice to know that I can use a product to minimise the appearance of my blemishes without it doing any actual damage to my skin again. It’s not even this bad usually so I’m pretty happy that this is all I really have to deal with at this point.

The After

My easy everyday look made better with this foundation!

And this is my final result for today, I just wanted to go with some simple and pretty makeup as it’s my day off and I don’t plan on doing a whole pile other than posting this. As you can see, my skin looks flawless without a single blemish in sight! I have to say, right now my skin is in pretty good condition. I don’t have any major spots or anything and I certainly don’t have any acne but the reason I keep coming back to this brand is because I know what I’m putting on my skin won’t cause me to break out again. So if you’re worried your skin is going through a bad patch, just try this product out and I swear to you after a few weeks using it, you will notice a massive difference.

One thing I must mention is that when you are using this foundation, you absolutely need to buff it out with a beauty blender of some sort. A brush just won’t work with the consistency of this makeup because it’s actually quite thick so to avoid it looking in any way cakey, just keep patting away at it with your sponge and it’ll come out amazing.

You’re always supposed to take your makeup off properly with some cleanser before you go to bed but even if you wore this on a night out and accidentally left it on overnight, you wouldn’t wake up with terrible skin the next day. So that’s always a plus in my book. You can buy it now online through the Vichy website here if you like the sound of it and if you do happen to try it out, let me know in the comments below whether it worked for you or not. I’m dying to see what you guys think! Until the next time…


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