How To Hide Tired Eyes

Hey guys! Are you all ready for a bit of realness today? Well, this morning I woke up and found it so hard to get out of the bed. You see, after a pretty hectic week and not so much sleep, I’ve come to realise it has all begun to take a toll… on my eyes! 

I’m a bit of a night owl which sucks because I am generally a person that needs a LOT of sleep to be able to function at a normal level. I’m talking 8+ hours here. Morning people bother me because I wonder why they can be so happy getting up at 6am each day meanwhile I’m there struggling to be in work for 10. (I know, boo-hoo right?) But listen, I suppose what I wanted to say was that everyone suffers from dark circles under their eyes from time to time. And I am definitely no exception as you will see down below.

My Eyes In All Their Natural Glory

Hello darkness my old friend…

This is what I call the ‘straight outta bed look.’ And while there’s nothing wrong with it, when you have to be somewhere or if you’ve arranged to meet up with people, you want to be in top form. So if you suffer with dark circles or discolouration like I do, have no fear because you can fix it to a certain degree with cosmetics and natural remedies as well. So let’s start with the cosmetics first because it’s a lot more fun. Here’s what my eyes look like now with my life-saving Urban Decay concealer products and foundation on.


What a difference

So what exactly did I use and how did I use it? Well I’ll share those secrets with you down below. As always, when using makeup anywhere near your eyes you have to remember to be gentle with your skin as it’s quite a sensitive area. So no pulling or tugging ladies! Beauty blenders will be your life saver when applying these products so get yours at the ready now to try these little gems out. You honestly won’t look back again.

Urban Decay Naked Skin 

Colour correcting and concealing

These are a must-have for any makeup bag. On the left is the Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid in shade Peach which is a great little product that targets dark circles, dark spots, veins and deep discolouration. It’s ideal for blue-hued dark circles (which is usually seen in deeper skin tones) but because I’m so pale I feel like my veins really show through under my skin as well. The peach tone combats the blue so it works perfectly for me. The formula of this product is quite nice too. It’s just like the Naked Skin Concealer (on the right in shade Light Neutral) which has a lovely weightless feel to it. If you use both these products with a beauty blender you are left with a smooth, even application that literally lasts all day. There’s also some subtle pearlescent pigments in these formulas that diffuse light to leave you with a nice sheen and perfect looking skin. If that wasn’t enough, they’re both enriched with antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E. 

So how do you go about using them? Well first, make sure your face is completely clean and moisturised. Then, using the small applicator, glide some of the colour correcting fluid just into the dark lines and corners around your eyes. You don’t need to use a whole pile but be careful not to go right up to the lash line with this (you don’t want it to look cakey). Next, dab it all out with your sponge and you’ll notice a crazy difference straight away. Apply your foundation (I use Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation) and then pop some concealer under your eyes to finish. I like to use concealer over foundation because I feel like it gives you more of a highlight and healthy glow when used like that.

You can also dust on a bit of loose powder to really lock the product into place, I use Georgio Armani’s Loose Powder to do this. Sweep this all around paying extra attention to dust it just under your eyes to get the perfect finish. So there you go, only four products but when you use them right they really can make such a difference. Obviously, you might not need to use all of these each and every day but if you’re feeling and looking a bit tired like I am today, it’s nice to know that you can make yourself look a bit fresher! Both of the Urban Decay under eye products come in at just €23.00 and last ages so it’s worth the investment. You can get them online, in Debenhams and some major pharmacies also.

If your eyes are more on the puffy side, there’s a couple of natural remedies that you can try out as well to help lessen it. Find my two tried and tested methods out below.

De-Puff With…

Mom’s tea bags 

Well, you’ve heard it before and you’re about to hear it again. Cooled cucumber slices and cold, wet tea bags are the perfect home remedy for any tired looking eyes. The key thing to remember with either method is to keep them cold. Puffiness around the eye is usually caused by either a build up of lymphatic fluid or general irritation. This is where these home remedies come in. Cucumbers contain strong antioxidants which are thought to reduce irritation and the cooling effect of a cold tea bag is very good for reducing any kind of swelling. So pop on a face mask and get these bad boys on your eyes because they make a hell of a lot of difference. In fact, I might just go and do that now myself (it’s been awhile as you can probably tell).

But anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments below if you have any other home remedies that help you out! Until next time…


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