January Favourites

Hey guys! Phew, we made it through January and if you’re in Ireland like I am, you have been blessed with a new season. Yes, it is officially Spring and to be honest I’m kind of happy to see the back of Winter. It’s starting to get warmer again (though I haven’t completely abandoned my woolies just yet). But it was a great month all the same and I’m really feeling 2017 so far. So with that being said, here’s some goodies I managed to get my hands on recently. Remember to leave your comments below if you’ve tried out any of these products before, feedback is always very much appreciated!

So what’s first on the list? Only the most fabulous set of brushes of course…


Real Techniques set of 3

I’ve mentioned the Real Techniques range to you all before but this is a little set that I just came across recently and I can’t stop raving about it! First of all, I have to say I hadn’t intended on getting another brush set because I didn’t really need one. All I wanted was a fan brush so I could apply my highlight more efficiently, but I soon discovered that this type of brush was very hard to come by. I went to MAC, Inglot, YSL, Guerlain, many drug store brands and even Primark. But alas, it was to no avail. They were either out of stock or they never had them to begin with so I was beginning to get a little bit disheartened about it all.

One of the cashiers in MAC even said that the only place to find them would be to go online and I didn’t want to have to order off of Morphe because I’m a “I need it now!” type of person. So off I went to Boots again just to have another look around in case I missed anything and that’s when I came across this set. I couldn’t buy the brush separately when I was in there at the time but that didn’t really bother me once I got what I needed. And honestly, I just love all three brushes so much so it was definitely worth it!

So what do they do and how do you use them? Well, starting from left-right we have: the sculpting brush, fan brush and the setting brush. The sculpting one I use for creating more depth when I contour. It has a nice flat, wide head which is perfect for giving some extra dimension to the cheekbones and it’s especially good with liquid or cream contour products. The fan brush is the key to finishing any look, in my opinion, with a touch of highlight. All you need is one dab of this brush and it leaves you with just the right amount of product to give you that extra bit of glow. If highlight isn’t your thing, you can also use this brush to fix your powder or blend out creams. And finally, there’s the setting brush which allows you to tidy up any areas that need to be buffed out a bit more. It can also be used with powders and creams so it’s very usable and the perfect brush to have in any makeup bag. So how do they rate?

The Cons:

-Pack only. The fact that the fan brush is a set exclusive is a bit annoying but you will get over that once you see how amazing the other brushes are.

The Pros:

-Versatility. These brushes create defined contours for added depth and they enhance your natural bone structure as well. Of course, they don’t just need to be used for contour. The setting brush is also good for blending out eyeshadow and the fan brush can be used to highlight just under the brow bone.

-Texture. They’re soft and feel very gentle on the skin.

-Price. It’s a bargain really at just €19.30 for three brushes.

So these are definitely in my top favourite brush sets and you can get yours from the Real Techniques website today if you would like to try them out for yourself.


The pop of blue is a personal favourite!

I got so excited when I saw that Kylie was releasing a peach palette and to be honest this is everything that I hoped it would be. First of all, it’s a beautiful colour combination. She has a lovely balance of shimmers and mattes in this and the peachy coral tones really match with the brown earthy shades. The biggest surprise in this was the striking royal blue, which happens to be my favourite colour out of this entire palette. Some may find it a bit odd to have this dark shade in amongst the rest but it matches perfectly. Peach happens to work very well with blue in general and the two colours blend together so effortlessly. I was playing around with this for a short while one day but when I get some time I’m planning on putting together a cute party look with this palette just for you guys so bear with me on that and keep an eye out!

Check out the shades!

Each Royal Peach Palette contains the following shades (from left to right): 

  • Sorbet (matte finish light tangerine)
  • Seashell (metallic finish pink champagne)
  • Peachy (matte finish bright peach)
  • Royal (satin finish bright royal blue)
  • Queen Bee (metallic finish shimmering caramel)
  • Duke (metallic finish red copper)
  • Duchess (metallic finish bright cinnamon)
  • Sandy (matte finish medium tan)
  • Mojito (metallic finish golden green)
  • North Star (metallic finish soft lilac)
  • Crush (satin finish peachy pink)
  • Cinnamon (matte finish burnt orange)

The Kyshadow kit pressed powder eye shadows are talc and paraben free, have medium buildable coverage and a velvety smooth texture. You also get a free eyeshadow brush with the kit which is nice and something that she hadn’t included before. 

The Cons:

-Delivery. By god did this take forever to come. It got to the stage where I was about to send an email to the company but thankfully I didn’t have to take it that far. Usually it takes 10-15 days for international shipping but this took slightly longer. I think it was mainly due to the fact that it was a new product and loads of orders were made at once.

The Pros:

-Colour. It’s just full of it and I don’t think I’ve come across a nicer group of shades in my life.

So it’s a big thumbs up from me, you can have a look at it online here.


So good you may as well get 2!

Now this is a great little find and quite nice on the pocket too. If you’re not a fan of contouring with powder, this pan stick is for you. It’s actually really cool because it’s a highlight and contour stick all in one! Use the brown side along your jawline and in the hallows of your cheeks, blending out with a fluffy buffer brush. Then apply the highlight side just above and below the contour to give your face more definition. You can blend this out with a wet beauty blender just to give you a nice dewy looking finish. It’s perfect as well to use on your nose, forehead etc.

Two in one

Definitely worth a go and I do find that sometimes it’s just easier to work with cream-based products as opposed to a powder. This is especially good if you’re in a hurry or packing light. You can get it online here or in your nearest Boots. Sometimes drug store brands are the way to go and at €9.99 it’s such a bargain. In terms of how it rates…

The Cons:

-Packaging. I mean, it’s a lovely idea. But sometimes the two colours can cross over and get a bit dirty. But if you clean it every now and again with a baby wipe it works out fine.

The Pros:

-Efficiency. It’s so fast and easy to use.

-Blendable. It blends out so well and works great with a brush or beauty blender.

So there you have it guys, my top three products from January. If you’ve any questions or comments, please leave them below as always. Until the next time, stay beautiful!



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