The T-Shirt Dress

Hey guys, I thought I’d drop by to say a quick hello to you all today and have a chat about something a little bit different! I’m still in weekend mode for some reason so I wanted to talk about this look that I threw together for a girls night out recently. We were all heading out to dinner and going for a few drinks afterwards so I wanted to dress up but still keep it kind of casual. And this look is pretty much what I came up with so if you want to find out where I got my dress/ boots, keep on reading!

Whenever I have an important event coming up or a birthday night out that I need to go to, I usually have a quick look around River Island because they’re pretty good for casual and fun party wear. Whether it’s a dress or a pair of jeans, they have a decent collection (particularly during the Winter time) so that’s what I ended up doing the past weekend and I didn’t leave empty handed. I’ve never worn or had any t-shirt dresses in my closet before but I always thought they looked pretty cool and sleek on other people. They are the kind of dresses that you can get away with wearing anywhere, whether it’s heading out, going for quiet drinks or even just working in the office. 

So there I was rushing around trying to find something when I saw this little gem sticking out from the back of a stand. I fell in love with it instantly and bought it there on the spot because I knew it would just work. I had it in my head that I wanted to wear something flowy and free because I figured I’d be eating quite a bit and would need the extra room (I wasn’t wrong). 

This dress is €60.00 and if you want to check it out online you can do so here. It’s basically a black print mesh t-shirt dress that has a gorgeous brown and grey pattern going through it. It comes with a black slip dress underlayer so you don’t have to worry about going off and buying one of them to be able to wear it. It has short sleeves and a nice keyhole detail in the back. It’s also 100% Polyester and comes in this colour and in plain black (which I believe is the slightly cheaper option if 60 is a bit on the steep side for you at the moment). But I just think it’s a great piece to add to anyones wardrobe because it is so versatile and it’s a genuinely comfortable and effortless dress to wear. 

And from the back…

I got it in a size 10 because I wanted it to be loose fitting so if you’re kind of in-between sizes like myself on top and bottom, go for the next size up because I think if you got this too tight it wouldn’t have the same impact. Plus you can always wear a skinny black waist belt with this if you think you need to be pulled in a bit more, but honestly the more flowy the better. One thing I absolutely loved about this dress was that it ran shorter in the front than it did in the back which gave me more freedom to move and show off at least a small part of my legs. It has two tiny slits running up the sides as well (which you can kind of see in the picture above) which help to keep it free flowing. If you want to get this dress and are not so sure about the accessories, I might be able to help you out down below!

Wear It With…

These amazing open toe boots

So I opted for some open toe boots with this to keep it casual enough but still classy. Primark have a really good boot selection right now and so I decided to pick up a pair there to go along with this look. You can get these open-toe beauties for €20.00 which is a pretty good bargain if I may say so myself. They are fake suede and very comfortable. The cut on them is really attractive as it just grazes your ankle and the heel gives you some height which is nice if you’re a shorty like myself. I don’t think I could personally get away with wearing this dress in flats because it would swamp me completely but if you can I say kudos to you!

In terms of jewellery, I just stuck with one of my personal favourites, Mi Moneda.

To Top It All Off..

Aren’t these gorgeous?

This is my go-to accessory for any occasion. In fact, if you were to ask me what jewellery I usually like to wear I would say this chain, my watch and my charm bracelet. I don’t have a whole pile else because I like to keep the accessories pretty simple. I think this has just the right amount of bling and it can look just as good with a Metallica t-shirt as it can with an elegant black dress. Trust me, I know!

If you want to find out more about Mi Moneda and what they do, I would recommend going on to the Fields website and have a look around there. It’s where I got mine and they do some good deals from time to time. It’s such a great piece because you can mix and match the coins and holders to suit your mood and outfit, which is really what you want in a timeless chain piece. They range in price a lot but if you get one piece at a time like I did it doesn’t work out too bad. My philosophy is, I would rather spend a bit of money on one thing that I know I will love for years and years, than spend hundreds on multiple things that I will only end up wearing once and throwing out afterwards. 

But what do you all think? Would you wear something like this? Let me know as always, I love hearing from you all.


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