December Favourites

Hi guys! Well, the Christmas season is well and truly over and now that we have New Years out of the way, I think we’re due a little pick-me-up. I came across some amazing bits in December so today I decided to pick out just a small handful of my personal favourites. Now that I’m back in the groove of things, you can expect a little something exciting right here in the next few days again too so just watch this space!

But for now, how about we just delve right into this shall we? So obviously we’ll be talking about some kind of makeup here, but I wanted to start off with something a little bit different that I had my eye on for so long. My Dad knew this too and so he decided to treat me to it this Christmas…

1. Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfume

100ml of sweet goodness!

This is just a simply amazing perfume, if I may say so myself. So a little bit about it: it’s a light, refreshing fragrance with some strong fruity notes. It’s described as being ‘Chypre reinvented,’ meaning it’s a new take on the typical citrus bouquet. It lingers on the skin in such a beautiful way and is soft yet intense at the very same time, so it doesn’t simply wear off after one or two hours.

It combines an inflection of three accords: Blackcurrant Nectar, Modern Chypre and Light Musky Wood. With top notes of Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin Oil and Blackcurrant Liqueur, it’s striking in it’s fragrance. It’s middle notes burst with Rose May, Neroli and Egyptian Jasmine. Warm undertones caress the unique Chypre base notes of Patchouli Oil intertwined with Blond Woods, Amber and Musky undertones known as Orcanox.

To top it all off, after you wear it for a few hours a sweet hint of Vanilla starts to pop through. So no matter what time it is day or night, it continues to smell sweet and fruity.

The Cons:

-Price. I mean, it is a bit on the steep side but if you want to treat yourself then I suppose this is the way to go. It also makes for a fabulous present! Pick it up in Brown Thomas for €120.00.

The Pros:

-Longevity. It literally lasts all day so in fairness it is very much worth the money. I will be purchasing this again for sure once I’ve run out (which hopefully won’t be for a long time)!

-Scent. You know the way you sometimes have to change up your perfumes depending on the time of year? I.e fruity in Spring/ Summer, musky in Autumn/ Winter. Well, I feel like you would get away with this scent all year round just because of the way it develops on the skin throughout the day. You have the best of both worlds with this one; sweet and warm notes.

Definitely up there as one of my favourite perfumes, I highly recommend!

2. MAC Custom Palette Eyeshadow x 15

Full of warm, orange tones

Also a present from December, I think this gift is perfect for the makeup-aholic. I had always wanted to choose my own palette and MAC have these amazing custom designs that give you so much room for your own creativity. I usually find myself gravitating more towards warm, golden/ orange shades so this one was just perfect for me. I’ll be able to use this in Winter and Summer because of the variety of different shades and it’s so handy just to have everything I could possibly need in the one place.

If you go online to the official MAC website, it actually allows you to create your own virtual palette which is pretty cool if you want to see what everything will look like, or if you’re just bored and want to pass some time. You can check it out here.

For those who are interested, my colours starting from the top left- right are: Shroom, Retro-Speck, All That Glitters, Mythology and Amber Lights. Middle- right are: Tempting, Wedge, Texture, Rule and Red Brick. Bottom left- right are: Coppering, Swiss Chocolate, Antiqued, Embark and Sketch. Just what every girl would need really!

These magical palettes come in many different sizes with a variety of different inserts, so if eyeshadow isn’t your thing, you can go with a bronzer palette, blush palette or even just mix and match. I think I’ll definitely be investing in another one of these for sure.

The Cons:

-None. There just isn’t any that I can think of, honestly.

The Pros:

-Versatility. You can pick from tonnes of different colours, you can choose exactly what you want and you can mix and match- what more do you need? Get one now in Brown Thomas!

3. Sweethearts Bronzer by Too Faced

There’s a whole range of shades

And this is just something a little cute and sweet that I came across recently. Too Faced is a brand that I’ve always liked though I’ve used only a few of their products. This is a bronzer by them and it definitely goes up there as one of my favourites. In each of these little packages, you find a decent sized heart-shaped bronzer that has two individual colour swatches.

To use, you just simply swirl the two colours together and apply to your cheekbones. You can also sweep it all across the face for a nice, golden healthy glow. Check it out online here. It can be yours as well for just €30.00, so go on ahead and treat yourself.

The Cons:

-Packaging. Though it is gorgeous and typical of the Too Faced brand, it is just a little bit inconvenient. I like bronzers that have a flat pan so that you can just get a big buffer brush and sweep it right across the face, whereas with this one you do have to dig in a bit just to get the product on the brush.

The Pros:

-Shade. The glow this gives you is so pretty and natural and is incredibly easy to transition between a day and night look. If you want to keep it soft and subtle, two small sweeps of the brush will do. For something a bit more dramatic, get more of the darker shade and apply just under the cheekbones to make them really pop.

So there you go guys, my three top picks from the month of December. If you’ve any questions or comments, please leave them below as always. As I was saying, I’ll be back very soon with something a bit different so keep an eye out for it. Until then, stay beautiful!


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