Christmas Splurge/ Get The Look

What’s up everyone? I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the holiday season so far, I know I have! Taking a break for a little while was nice and it’s hard to believe another year has been and gone. But before we head straight into 2017, I wanted to leave you all with one last post this year, and yes I’m very excited about it because it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do now for quite a while!

As we all know, one of the perks of Christmas is the sales of course, but I’m not usually one for them. They  involve queues, long waits, crowded sales departments, impatient customers, cranky sales assistants and… old stock that no one actually wants. But this year I decided I would go out on St. Stephen’s Day, just to see what all the fuss was about. I only really wanted to go into one shop and that was the Brown Thomas store in Limerick. I just saw the signs for up to 60% off and with a happy but skeptical mind I bounced in the doors (sure no one can ignore those offers!)

To be honest, I didn’t see a whole pile at first, but then I came across the one thing that I had been wanting for so long. And it was half price…

My Very Own Mulberry Bag

Introducing the Cheyne Clutch

I kind of squealed with excitement when I saw this. They’re usually on the pricy end so I’ve learned to stay somewhat away from them. I can justify saving up and spending a few hundred euro on a special bag that I really want but anything over the €500 mark is a bit steep. So when I saw the price tag on this I just knew I had to go for it, and that’s what I did! But what makes it so special? Well, let me tell you a little bit about Mulberry…

It’s neat and compact

Mulberry is a UK company that goes all the way back to 1971 and it’s pretty much known for its luxurious leather handbags, though it caters for both men and women. It has a timeless style and each bag has its own individual character, but it remains wearable and easy to match with any outfit which is great. Obvious beauty aside, these are the bags that you want to go for if you’re looking for something that will last till the end of time. They don’t fade, they don’t warp and they don’t damage easily. So you basically get what you pay for. Not to mention the amazing celebrity endorsement behind this brand, everyone just seems to want one lately.

So on to the bag itself, why did I choose this one? It’s part of the new Cheyne family which makes it refreshing and versatile but it’s mainly the colour that caught my attention. Burgundy is very in this season but it’s a colour that you can really wear all year round. The chain strap is a bright and striking gold that you can wear on the shoulder or across the body for a more playful look. If you decide you’d rather just use it as a clutch then you can detach the chain leaving you with a neat and delicate look. The lock has the signature Cheyne detailing that keeps your items secure and away from the elements, a plus with any bag.

The inside is, of course, as beautiful as its outside. It has one main compartment and eight card slots as well as having one internal zip pocket and one external zip pocket with a gusset. The overall chain and lock have a brass component finish and the bag itself is Nappa lined. All in all, it’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m delighted to be able to say I finally own it!

On to the nitty gritty… if you really want this bag I do recommend purchasing in Brown Thomas as opposed to from the actual Mulberry website. It was originally €745 but I ended up buying it for €372.50, which I think is a real bargain. You’ll see that if you buy it on the Mulberry site they’re now selling it for €521, why pay extra when you can save even more in store?! On I went happy out, and with the new found excitement, I decided to have a proper look around town at other possible bargains. So I ended up in Oasis and eventually found the perfect companion to my bag.


Gilet in Pink

Not my usual style I’ll admit, but it looks even nicer in person. It’s a faux fur gilet that has a slightly pink/ rose gold tone to it which is the perfect colour to go with basically anything in my wardrobe. Because it’s getting a bit colder here at home, I was happy to find something that would keep me warm and cosy when I didn’t want to wear a huge coat. Because it’s quite long, it can be worn casually or you can dress it up, depending on the rest of your outfit. I was meeting up with some friends for a coffee so I decided to keep it casual chic with a light grey turtleneck jumper and check skirt, all from Oasis as well.

Wear it with…

I teamed this look with a pair of black tights and heeled boots from River Island. My staple accessory (Mi Moneda chain) was also on display, I can’t seem to go anywhere without it really! It was a cold day but thankfully a coat wasn’t necessary and I have to say that this was probably one of my favourite looks this season. It felt pretty effortless but still looked great all the same so I regard the gilet as a nice investment.

Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go…

So what are your thoughts?! I’d love to hear from you and if you’ve had any experience with Mulberry bags, let me know in the comments below!


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