November Favourites

Hey guys, I hope you’re all enjoying the Christmas season so far. We’re in December now so I think it’s fair enough to get into the festive spirit at this point, yippee!

Needless to say, I found last month to be great for shopping with all the pre-Christmas discounts everywhere, Black Friday sales and the good ol’ Cyber Monday rush. Thanks to all that, I came across some amazing goodies to share with you all right now and if you hurry, you may still be lucky enough to grab them at discount prices in some stores.

So let’s just get right into it. Here are a few of my November favourites…let me know in the comments below if you found any makeup bargains yourself that I may have missed out on this time round!


The packaging is so cute!

This brand I’ve been meaning to try out for so long so when I came across it recently I went into an absolute frenzy. Nothing excites me more than trying something new so I figured I’d treat myself to this. Now I originally saw this primer on Jeffree Star’s YouTube channel and I instantly fell in love with the packaging and how it looked on him also. I would normally trust his judgement on anything to do with makeup because he’s been in the business for so long now and he just simply knows what he’s doing. (If any of you are looking for some makeup inspiration, go check out his channel!)

The golden flecks are magical

So what is it? It’s a primer which, for those of you who may not know, is a base product that you would use before putting on your makeup- that’s basically it. But it’s the most magical primer that I have ever come across.

It’s sprinkled with pure 24-carat gold flakes that are crafted into ultra-reflective particles. The texture is that of a hydrating, smoothing gel which feels really great on the skin. It also smells really good when you put it on which is obviously a major plus and it seems to be a part of a floral theme which can be found among all the brand’s other products as well. Straight out of the bottle it’s got quite a distinctive smell. It has top notes of peach with an accord of vegetal fragrances which is fresh and sparkling. Middle notes contain rose, raspberry and jasmine and base notes consist of  a powdery base of balsamic, benzoin and white musk. Absolutely amazing.

The Cons:

-Price. It is a bit on the steep side but it didn’t stop me from purchasing! Pick up yours from House of Fraser for  €62.00 (with 10% off) or get it online here. Trust me though, it is worth it.

The Pros:

-Texture. The gel glides on the skin so easily so in reality you don’t actually need to use a lot of product.

-Packaging. Beauty aside, it’s also very handy. The glass bottle and pump top keep the product fresh so you don’t have to worry about having to use it up very fast.

-Benefits. As well as smoothing, brightening and refreshing the skin, the gel provides a great base for makeup. Surprisingly as well, it feels quite firming once you rub the product in. It tightens the skin but not in a way that is uncomfortable. (If you don’t believe me try the product out on one half of your face while leaving the other half bare- you will notice the difference straight away).

All in all, it’s the star of the show this month for me.


In shade 3: Medium 

Isn’t this just the cutest thing ever? Obviously I saw it and lost my mind. But apparently this product goes back to 1987, born of an expert craftsmanship. It holds a tonne of multi-coloured powder pearls with an unforgettable violet fragrance. These pearls come in many different colours which all have an individual job, which I’ll discuss further now.

The unmistakable French packaging

A subtle blend of matte, rosy and radiant blue-toned white pearls, combined with corrective coloured pearls – yellow to counter redness, pink for freshness and mauve to catch the light – they all help to light up the face in an illuminating and corrective halo that simply exudes radiance. The glow is a subtle one as there is minimal shimmer in these particular pearls, which means you don’t end up with a really shiny face after using them.

I would use this product once all my makeup is done, using light sweeps across the face to create some depth and lightness. For some extra tips on how to apply this with a brush, see more information further down this post. But if you want to pick this gem up you can find it in many stores including Debenhams priced at €54.50.

The Cons:

-Kickback. Obviously with anything powdery, it can be a bit bothersome because you will inevitably get some dust in places that you don’t want to (e.g your black jeans etc) so remember to use this lightly.

The Pros:

-Glow. It’s just an unmistakable radiance that you get from using this product. It’s more subtle than any highlighter I have ever used and it provides a different sheen or tone to the skin that makes it seem just a bit more natural.

-Longevity. Obviously I just purchased it recently but from my own experience, pearls of powder generally tend to last a lot longer than powder from a pan.


The perfect companion

Now this product you absolutely don’t need but it is a nice little addition if you plan on getting a few products from the brand. I got this as it is supposedly the correct type of brush to use with the Météorites collection. The brush itself is lovely and round, full, supple and silky. It has natural pink hairs that have just the right amount of density to take up the correct amount of powder (but don’t do what I did and just go right in there swirling it around because honestly, you don’t need that much product).

So how does it work? Well, you can use the pearls all over the face to basically set your makeup which in turn improves hold. As well as this, you can use just a little more product to illuminate the curved areas of the face. I was told to trace a G from the centre of my forehead towards the top of my cheekbone, then from the bridge of my nose towards the chin. This leaves the powder to set exactly where you want it. You can get this in Debenhams as well for €37.50.

The Cons:

-Size. I’m not sure why but I wish the brush was just that small bit bigger.

The Pros:

-Sturdiness. As far as brushes go, it is a really nice make. The handle is thick so application is made easier and the bristles are nice and soft so you don’t feel like you are taking off any makeup that you shouldn’t be while putting on the product itself.


This pan is the perfect size

Now, we finally made it on to another brand! Yves Saint Laurent always have something great to offer, so much so that you can’t really go too far wrong with the products. I was looking to get a new bronzer so when I set my eyes across this beauty I just knew I had to have it.

Coverage wise it’s very light and natural with a long hold. When used correctly, it can make your face really radiant and refreshed, definitely add it to some of your  makeup must-haves! It actually comes with it’s own applicator brush (not pictured above) but I don’t think I’ll be using it as much. I prefer large, round fluffy brushes especially when applying bronzer so I think I’ll be using the small applicator only if I’m going on a weekend away or on a night out to make it easy to refresh my face whenever.

Get it today in Brown Thomas for €47.00.

The Cons:

-Pan. It would be amazing if this came in pearl format but not everything can be the same I suppose!

The Pros:

-Versatility. It can be used to give a really natural all round, healthy glow or you can use it to contour to create some serious definition.


Decent sized wand

Now on to my final product of the month, and something I touched off of recently with you guys before. I took the plunge and decided to purchase this Yves Saint Laurent mascara as my regular one had run out and I am now definitely a convert. I love this mascara, from it’s design and coverage to it’s wand style and definition. You simply can’t go wrong.

I have naturally long lashes to begin with but this mascara helps to separate and elongate my lashes even more to give a real false lash effect. As well as making them look good, it apparently has a really caring and gentle formula for the lashes as well. It is enriched with B5 Pro-Vitamin that helps to strengthen and protect lashes, which is a major plus. If black isn’t your colour, fear not! It comes in 6 different shades so you’re bound to find one that will suit you. Get yours in Brown Thomas as well for €32.50.

The Cons:

-None. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

The Pros:

-Finish. It does make me feel wonderful when I use this. Even if you’re just using minimal makeup, long lashes can really help to frame the face and add that extra bit of glamour. Definitely worth the purchase.

So there you have it guys, my five favourite products from the month of November. I hope  you enjoyed this read and remember if you ever have any questions, feel free to send them on in to me. For now, it’s bye from me but I’ll be back very soon with some Christmas makeup goodies!



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