Blonde/ Brunette Makeup Hacks

Here is a handy one for you all. Have you ever changed your hair colour and wondered what to do about your makeup? Or are you currently wondering why your makeup routine ends up making you look slightly washed out or tired? Well folks, it could be all down to incorrect colour-matching! But fear not, I have the tips and tricks for you all ready to go. So let’s just dive right in shall we?

Firstly, you need to decide what skin tone you actually have. Is it red/ blue-based or is it more olive toned? Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to make this discovery a bit easier, as I’ll explain below.


Right here is where you want to check

Flip your wrist over now and have a look at your veins. Do they look blue or more on the green side to you? Well, if you think they look more blue it is likely that you have cool or blue undertones to your skin. If they are more on the green side, you have olive or warm skin. Of course, your veins aren’t actually green, they only appear that way because you’re seeing them through yellow-toned skin. So it’s worth noting what result you get with this trick! But if that doesn’t work, there is one other thing that you can do…


It’s not what you like, it’s what suits you

Think about whether you look better in silver or gold jewellery. Remember, it’s not about what you like more. It’s more about which colour actually makes you look more radiant, glowing, and awake. Typically, those with cool undertones look better in silver and platinum metals, whereas those with warm-toned skin look better in gold.

Now that we have an idea of what we’re working with, you can then move on to your makeup. I’ll say this now, don’t take these tricks as absolute gospel. Use the makeup and colours that make you feel good in yourself. If you want to use blue eyeshadow, you do that. If you want to use pink blush, you go ahead and do your thing! But if you want to try something a little bit different to what you usually do, then read on.

I’m no makeup expert of course, I break rules all the time. But that’s just part of the fun! So below you’ll find some examples of how I changed my makeup up in between different hair colours and it might give you some ideas too.

Blonde for Summer happy-person-raising-one-hand

They do say blondes have more fun, but makeup-wise it can be pretty hit and miss. I think the key is to keep it as simple as possible, you don’t want to be very heavy handed with your makeup when your hair is nice and light. So here is what I usually keep in mind when I’m working with this kind of look…

I usually end up with a warm, light blonde

Starting with foundation, I stick to my regular Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation in the shade Nude. This shade is just slightly darker than my natural skin tone which is perfect for my blonde hair because it gives me that bit of colour to my skin, taking away the pale edge. I apply it pretty lightly all over my face with a beauty blender, making sure not to leave any harsh edges or lines. After this I use some under eye concealer to brighten up that area. My go to is Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer.

Once you have the base ready you can kind of play around then. In terms of eyebrows, keep them light but not so light that they don’t properly frame your face. What I generally tend to do is match up my root colour to my eyebrows and you can’t really go wrong from there. I always use eyeshadow and an angle brush to do my eyebrows, Too Faced Sexspresso is a good shade for this.

In terms of brightening and bringing warmth to the face, you want to stay away from heavy contour and dark bronzer. I like to use more blush than bronzer when I’m blonde and I’d typically only use those with peach tones like the Inglot Face Blush in 29. For highlight, look for ones that have a pink as opposed to gold undertone so it matches that bit better with your skin.

For eyes, gold and brown eyeshadows really make blue eyes pop. Adding eyeliner adds that extra bit of dimension to your eyes so if time allows I would usually try and make the extra effort with this just because it makes such a difference.

Now to finish it all off is the important lip colour. I actually broke my own tradition with the above look just because it’s that time of the year where dark lipsticks are very in. Usually when I’m blonde I try and stick with neutral or light-toned lips like peaches and oranges. For this look, I went a bit dark and went with Kylie Cosmetics in Leo. I think it went well with what I was going for and overall I really liked this makeup look.

But everything changes when you go brown, as I was soon to find out…

Brunette for Winterccgmuq_ukaae90c

So this was a huge change for me. After a long time, I decided to go proper brown again and I haven’t looked back since! Blonde can be fun but I think brunette is just timeless when it’s done right. And if you need some tips on how to work with dark hair, I’ve got you covered.

I went for a nice medium brown

As usual, you have to start with the right foundation! For this look I actually mixed two of my favourites: the Vichy Foundation I mentioned earlier and Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 3.5. I love the nice glow that comes out of mixing the two different shades and it works perfectly with the rest of my makeup routine. After applying the same concealer, I use the same shade of eyeshadow on my eyebrows that I used before, making it a bit darker to match my hair. This leaves them a nice brown shade without them looking too drawn on and unnatural.

For this look, I always go pretty heavy on the contour. I actually love the Maybelline Facestudio Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick for this. I apply a line of the brown shade under each cheekbone and along the ridge of my nose as well as some light dashes on my forehead. I usually blend this out then with a brush to give a seamless complexion. Dark golden bronzer is also a must with darker hair, the shimmery tones really help to brighten and give a nice warmth to the face. I stay away from blush and if I decide to use highlight, I go for a golden tone one like the Bitter Lace Beauty Toothache Halloween Highlighter.

With the eye makeup you can be a bit more adventurous but I really find it hard to stay away from gold and brown shades, I just love using them so much. But for this look I went with a neutral enough beige and brown in the crease and I used burgundy on the lower lash to make it really pop. Reds/ metallics/ burgundies and plums really go well with brown hair so you really can’t go wrong. I chose to stay away from eyeliner because I really think I didn’t need it for this look.

For the lips, you have free rein. Dark lips are the way to go, so happy days for me! I love using browns, mauves, and dark reds when I go brown. For this look I used Kylie Cosmetics in Moon. All in all, I was pretty happy with how this whole look turned out.

So to sum it all up: if you’re blonde think of peach/ pink undertones. If you’re a brunette (like myself right now) you can play around with golden undertones. But that’s just what I do, I hope you enjoyed this read!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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