October Favourites

Ooooh boy, I know what you’re thinking. This is really long overdue! But I have good reason, life has been pretty hectic lately. I recently started a new job (which I absolutely love by the way) and every day since I’ve either been terribly busy or just plain exhausted. Which is possibly why I have just a few bits and pieces to show you today, but they are so definitely worth a look!

So without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Lovely warm goodness! 

This new eyeshadow palette hit the scene on October 20th and everyone went just a little bit crazy. For good reason too, the colours are just to die for. They’re very “of” the season right now- perfect Fall shades with just the right amount of shimmer and warmth to make your makeup really pop. I have to say, I knew that I was going to love this palette before I even bought it. The last eyeshadow set that Kylie brought out was such a huge success and it’s something that I actually use all the time because it’s that wearable. If you need a reminder of those shades, have a peek of them below…

The Bronze Palette

Both palettes retail for $42 which isn’t too steep when you consider the quality, the longevity and the range of colours that you’re getting. All eyeshadows are talc and paraben  free, have medium buildable coverage and a velvety smooth texture. There is no smell, which is reassuring considering you’re using this makeup on your eyes.

The Burgundy Pallete shades (from the top left) are:

Naked- which has a gorgeous satin finish.

Beach- a lovely matte finish with light warm brown.

Penny- a matte finish red orange that blends so well.

(From left in the middle):

LA- a metallic finish true copper.

Burgundy- a matte finish bright red burgundy, my absolute favourite.

Dubai- a metallic finish burgundy.

(Bottom from left):

Brick- a matte finish dirty brick.

New York- a metallic finish warm bronze.

Almond- a matte finish deep red brown.

Overall, I love this palette and I think it’s a great addition to the collection. But there are of course, some pros and cons…

The Cons:

-Tones. To be honest there isn’t a whole pile. My only major complaint is the fact that it is lacking in a black shade. I just feel like every palette needs a decent black because no matter what look I decide to go for, in the end I always go back to my favourite dark tones just to make sure my makeup look is complete.

The Pros:

-Texture. They’re so blendable which really is a major plus. I feel like Kylie improved the formula on this palette compared to the last one. The colours are a lot easier to use than those in the Bronze Palette and I also found that I can use a lot less product to get a decent amount of coverage.

I do recommend both of them though, perfect for the weekend getaway or night out.


It’s shade 200 for those interested

I’m writing about a lipstick that isn’t Kylie Cosmetics related… what? Haha, I know, I’m shocked too. But this one is just amazing. Recently I made a conscious effort to buy nice, good quality and long-lasting makeup. So naturally I gravitated towards the Armani collection. I love their foundation, their powders, their bronzers… and evidently they’re lipsticks too. This range is absolutely fab. It leaves you with a subtle shine and it doesn’t fade after an hour or two, like most lipsticks usually would. The formula actually allows for up to eight hours of intense lip colour, even if you’re out eating. And, being honest, the shade is just beautiful.

The Cons:

-Price. It is a bit steep for just a lipstick. Retailing at €28.50.

The Pros:

-Formula. It’s so hydrating which I love in a lipstick. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and the coverage is amazing.

-Packaging. It’s obviously gorgeous but it’s very functional too. It snaps shut with a magnetic click keeping it secure and safe. 


And here it is in all its glory. I think it’s a perfect shade for the season, nice and warm with a brown base. It goes perfectly with golden/ orange tones which is perfect considering that is pretty much what I do for my makeup every single day. I recommend getting even just one lipstick from the range just to try it out, I promise you it’s worth it.


A real gem

On to my bargain of the month, this find was really surprising. Retailing at €16.00, this Inglot blush is really bang for your buck. It’s a lovely peach-toned colour and it (again) goes perfectly with a warm makeup look. I’m not usually a huge fan of blush, normally I’d be content with a bit of bronzer and some highlight but I’ve noticed that if you add some blush into the mix it really brightens up any makeup look.

So I would apply my contour/ bronzer just under my cheek bones. Then I would apply the blush on the apple of my cheeks and finish it off with a bit of highlight on top. Perfection!

The Cons:

-Packaging. It might be a little boring but realistically what more do you expect out of a blush?

The Pros:

-Longevity. It lasts so well and it doesn’t slip down off the face after a few hours like I kind of expected it to.

-Shade. The tone of this one is lovely but they have many other options so whether you’d prefer a more pink-based blush or a gold-tone blush, Inglot have you covered.

So there you have it, my three absolute favourites for the month of October. Check back again next month where I’m sure to have some lovely November goodies, as always.

Remember, feel free to leave questions/ comments below!



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