New Look & Hallowe’en Highlighters

Why hello there! It’s been awhile since we chatted last, I suppose my slightly busier schedule is to blame for that. But fear not, I am back and boy do I have some goodies for you. I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping recently which is both fun and convenient but waiting for the packages to arrive can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Some companies ship really fast, others… not so much. But that can be all part of the fun too as I learned this morning because when I woke up I had a bright, sparkly red package waiting for me. (I’ll tell you more about that below!)

So let’s just dive right into this. I am, of course, obsessed with the Autumn season as you might already know. It has everything- warm woolies, dark lipsticks and a great excuse to do something a little bit different with your usual day-to-day makeup. So seeing as I was off today I decided to put in just a little bit of effort and try out the new products that I’ve been waiting to get my hands on for so long.

Ready for Winter woolies!

And this is how it turned out- not too bad! So what are these products that I’ve been harping on about? Well, look no further. I’ve got you sorted for the perfect Fall look.



So I know I’ve gone on about these products before, but trust me, this colour is an absolute must-have this season. The lipliner is super soft and highly pigmented which makes it very easy to use. Usually I just trace along the outside of my lips and fill in the gaps with these liners. I just think it sets a good base then for the lipsticks.

The liner itself is a deep purple colour which is really nice and the liquid lipstick has more of a reddish purple tone. Once the two blend together, it looks like absolute perfection on the lips. Definitely worth the purchase, even if you don’t want to buy anything else.

Just a reminder, these retail at $29.00 on Kylie Cosmetics if you want to have a look. My collection has just gone insanely big at the moment and I just can’t stop going in to see what else she has coming out!

But of course, no look can be complete without the perfect highlight.


Hocus Pocus (left) and Toothache (right)

These little guys were one hell of a find. Basically I was fooling around on YouTube getting up to date with everything I had missed when I came across this brand. From seeing beauty gurus swatch them and show how they really illuminated the skin, I knew I had to try them out for myself.

So aside from being absolutely adorable, this brand specialises in all handmade beauty products. A lot of time and effort goes into making these little pots so don’t be surprised when you’ve ordered some and you’re still waiting for it to arrive four weeks later!

They originally started out as an Etsy brand but I believe now they have their own little store online so you guys should definitely check them out. I’d imagine that Jenna (the shop owner) will be bringing these highlighters back even after Hallowe’en because they were such a huge success. But anyway enough of the talking, on to the swatches!

Hocus Pocus

This one is probably the most wearable out of the two that I purchased. Hocus Pocus is very cute and perfect for October and the Hallowe’en season. If you look closely enough at the pan, you’ll see the intricate spider web design that just gives it that something special. It has shades of purple green and orange going through it which turns into a bewitching bright pink shimmer when applied to the top of your cheek.

You could definitely wear this as a nice day look because it’s not too overpowering. In the photo above, I used two swipes of the brush on the pan so I would imagine with one you would be left with a bit more of a subtle glow.

But seeing as I’m a bit obsessed with highlighters, I just go all out. As is the case below.


Isn’t this just… amazing? It’s my favourite one without a doubt. Design-wise, the pan has a lovely candy corn pattern and it’s so rich in colour it’s almost blinding. The gold, orange and white mix beautifully on the skin to form a metallic, shimmery highlight. It’s so sweet it hurts (get it?)

I could definitely see myself wearing this heading out at night just for that bit of oomph! I’d keep my makeup similar to what I have above, maybe add in a few more golden tones just to make it really pop.

To be honest, I’m more of a fan of golden rather than pink tones so something like this is very wearable to me. But if it’s not your cup of tea, have another look around and see if there’s any others you might like on the website!

Both of these highlighters retailed at $25 each which I don’t think was too bad considering how much work would have went into creating them. I’ll definitely purchase more products from them in the future so I do recommend giving them a shot. As I said before though, don’t order them thinking you will get them the following week. You kind of have to be a bit patient when it comes to the delivery, but trust me it’s worth it for sure!

So that was my look today you guys. Of course as always I used my Morphe 35O on the eyes. I started out with a white base and then applied some shimmer close to my lash line. Then I mixed beige and light orange and blended that out along my crease. To top it all off I dusted some burnt orange shades on to my lower lash line and applied some black liquid liner to give some definition.

If you like what you see let me know in the comments below or if you have any questions about anything please feel free to get in touch! I’m currently looking to shake up my mascara game so if any of you have any suggestions let me know.

Until next time…


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