September Favourites

Well hello there, how are you all doing?! I’ve been pretty good lately, kept busy and also managed to find some beauties for you guys this month which I’m so excited to share with you now. It’s hard to believe that we’re well and truly into October, hate to say it but Christmas is just around the corner, time is slipping by like crazy.

Anyway without further ado, below are my favourite products and purchases from September. I had imagined I would have more makeup in here this time round but I came across a few things that just stole my heart and I felt they just had to be included in this.

Enjoy and remember to leave your comments below! I actually have something special lined up for you guys within the next week or two. Have a very cool package on the way and can’t wait to share it with you all, just in time for the Hallowe’en season too (hint hint!)


Perfect for baking- your face that is!

Right, so we’re all familiar with the art of contouring and highlighting, but now baking or cooking your makeup is making itself a huge part of the mix. It crops up every single time I watch my favourite YouTube tutorials and I wanted to try it out for myself.

So before we get to the powder, what is baking? Well basically it’s a fast track to flawless looking skin. It involves getting some translucent or fine powder which you then pile on the face underneath the eyes after applying concealer. While you leave it on for five to ten minutes, the heat from your face will set the base foundation and concealer. After this, you can then dust it off and you’ll be left with a creaseless, flawless finish.

This Armani powder isn’t typically used for this function of course, but it does a damn well good job I found!

02 is a nice warm shade

I chose the 02 shade, which has a nice warm tone to it and it matches my regular foundation perfectly. This powder is extremely light and fine and it seriously reduced any unwanted shine that I had right underneath my eyes. When I first used it, I was so relieved to see that it actually worked, and of course I took down a few notes which I will share with you now.

The Cons: 

-Price. It is a bit steep but that is to be expected in the Armani range. This one retails in Brown Thomas for €37.50, which you know, it’s not the worst but still hurts the pocket a bit when all you’re really going to be using it for is dusting your face.

-Messy. And this isn’t a shot at Armani. I absolutely hate these loose powder pots. I find they always get really out of control very quickly and I just think if they had a proper cover over the top it would just make it that much easier and cleaner to use.

The Pros:

-Finish. The end result of this is just amazing, I absolutely love it! It gives you such a natural and luminous look and your makeup just feels like it’s not about to go anywhere (which is great).

-Texture. This powder glides on like butter. It’s so soft and it just feels amazing on the skin. Of course, if you didn’t want to use it for baking you could just use it all over the face as a regular setting powder if you wanted to as it does have that slight colour in it.

So all in all, it’s a great product and well worth the investment.


There’s no place like a comfy bed either!

You might be looking at this next item going “eh?” but honestly it’s definitely worth a mention here. This might not be a beauty product but by god is it beautiful. Dunnes Stores have incredible bed linen at the moment and I just had to pop in to see what I could pick up for my new room. And boy did they deliver!

I generally like creams, pinks and greys when it comes to bed linen so when I saw this beautiful patterned fabric I decided there and then that I absolutely had to have it. It fits perfectly with the decor in the rest of my room and it’s such a dream to sleep in!

The fabric is very soft with a nice satin finish and as you can see, it’s easy to pair it with some pops of colour then to brighten it up.

I’m a bit obsessed with cushions and I just love the mix that I have going on here at the moment. If it was acceptable I would probably cover my entire bed with cushions but I settled for just the five here.

The Cons:

-Colour. I mean it’s beautiful but it’ll probably be covered in makeup after a day or two, yikes!

The Pros:

-Comfy. It’s just so nice to come home after a long day out or in work to a made-up, amazing looking bed. Come on, is there anything better?

I’d advise you if you are planning on getting some home shopping done, get to Dunnes and have a look at what they have to offer. Not pictured here is an amazing cream blanket that I have at the foot of my bed, also from Dunnes, and it’s simply fabulous. Perfect for the cold weather coming in.


Put on some shades ’cause this is blingin’

Oh boy, let me catch my breath here. This highlight is on POINT though! So basically finding a decent highlighter is actually a lot harder than you would think. A lot of them tend to be quite shimmery and full of glitter, which I don’t think is a great look. But this one from MAC (called Soft & Gentle) gives you more of a natural glow as opposed to a sparkly finish, making it the perfect must-have for your beauty regime.

Ooooh so pretty

The Cons:

-None. It’s simply perfect. Honestly!

The Pros:

-Colour. This gives you such an amazing warm, golden glow when applied just above the bronzer at the top of your cheeks. It’s not overpowering and honestly all you need is one dab with the brush because the colour payoff is impeccable.

-Texture. It’s a nice soft finish I found and that’s probably mostly due to it not being on the glittery side. I sometimes find with the glitter it can feel a bit like sandpaper on the skin, which is a big no-no for me.


Nothing like a cosy knit

So another bit of clothing for you this month, this time it’s coming at a much nicer price point. This jumper I was lucky enough to find in Primark recently, and it was such a bargain. It’s already seriously cold at the moment and with Winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to stock up on big woolies and decent knits.

The Cons:

-Texture. Okay, the knit is a small bit on the scratchy side but I don’t think that’s anything to do with Primark, I genuinely just think it’s my skin being sensitive. What I used to combat this was just put a light white camisole underneath and it helped with the itching for the most part.

The Pros:

-Price. Wow this was honestly such great value. Now I could be wrong, as I did buy this in mid-September, but I believe this was between €15-€18. Either way, it was such a bargain.

-Look. It looks worth a whole lot more than it was actually bought for. It’s fashionable, chic and it looks great with just about everything. You can’t go wrong with this.

-Sizing. It’s quite a generous fit but I still opted to go for a size up as I just really like the over-sized, effortless look.

If pink isn’t your colour, they also have these in cream, navy, black, speckled, green and a whole array of other colours so you’re sure to find something you like.


I’m in love!

So I was online shopping just over a week ago when I came across this beauty on Pretty Little Thing and I just instantly knew that I had to have it in my wardrobe. Bodysuits seem to be making a huge comeback in the past year and for very good reason: they’re actually unbelievably wearable. Whether it’s with a pair of jeans, high-waisted shorts or a skirt, they can make your look instantly chic and fun.

This design is more of a special party look and that’s what attracted me to it the most. You can team this with a whole variety of colours. I’m thinking either dark green shorts, pale creamy pink or a wine leather skirt or, even just a pair of high-waisted black skinny jeans with a leather jacket- all these would really vamp up this look.

The Cons:

-Mail. I was quite impatient waiting for this to arrive but in all honesty it wasn’t even that long a wait at all, I was just too excited about it’s arrival!

-Material. It’s not for the faint of heart. It is mesh so that means it’s fairly see-through but when worn right, it can look absolutely amazing.

The Pros:

-Fit. It’s like a glove and very true-to-size with a nice bit of give in it thanks to the mesh material.

-Comfy. Overall it’s very easy to wear, nice and comfortable and it feels great on the skin. So why not be a bit daring and try it out for yourself?

So there you have it, my five absolute favourites for the month of September. Check back again in a month’s time where I’m sure to have some lovely October goodies (I already have two picked out as I’m writing this out now).

As always, feel free to leave questions/ comments below!


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