Makeup Must-Haves

We all have those makeup favourites of ours, whether it’s the old reliable bronzer brush or the one eyeshadow brush that we use with just about everything. But I’m here to tell you one thing: throw out all those old brushes you have right now and invest in one (or all) of the below

I have never been more excited about a set of makeup brushes in my life. After all, they’re only brushes- they’re usually never that inspiring, or so I first thought. But alas, I was wrong.


Right to left: 100, 101, 300, 301, 200, 201

Basically, these brushes are the gods of all makeup brushes. And for good reason too! So what first attracted me to them? Let’s be real for a second. They’re obviously very aesthetically pleasing. Foundation/ powder brushes come in a bold gold colour. Blush/ contour brushes come in a warm rose gold. Finally, eye brushes come in a striking silver colour. They’re designed to clash with a mixed metal look and yet they work so beautifully together.

So other than looks, what makes them special?

Feel… For one, they have very soft bristles. This means that makeup is easily picked up on the individual strands and they glide across the face, without taking away any of your foundation or powder underneath.

Design… They’re also very easy to use. The tapered tips ensure the brush sits nicely in your hand and allows you to have great control over where you want to place your product. They’re also not that light; they have weighted, sturdy handles designed for optimal comfort.

Simplicity… They’re very easy to blend out with. I am particularly in love with the blush brush, it’s dome shape perfectly sculpts your cheekbones without leaving any harsh lines visible.


100 Arched Powder: €33.99

101 Triangle Foundation: €28.99

300 Tapered Blush: €33.99

301 Flat Contour: €28.99

200 Oval Shadow: €19.99

201 Pointed Crease: €16.99

All in all, I do recommend these. Obviously, they’re not so much on the cheap side but if you budget right and get one a month etc. it makes it that bit easier! (And oh so worth it!) They’re currently available to buy in Boots, so get them now while you can. But that’s not all I want to share with you today… below is something really special.


Guess which is my favourite shade…

Okay, before you throw your eyes up at this just wait a minute. I’m obviously a fan of her makeup (as per my multiple lipkits) BUT this palette is something worth investing in if you are looking to find the perfect weekend getaway packing essential.

I’ll be completely honest, this isn’t my favourite palette. After using the Morphe 35O I don’t think anything can actually beat that- but this is a close second. It’s very compact, as you can see, and it has all the essential colours there. Perfect bases, good transitional colours and great deep tones to give your eyes more depth.

Top left: Jasper, Quartz, Topaz. Middle left: Goldstone, Citrine, Tiger Eye. Bottom left: Hermatite, Bronzite, Obsidian

What I also like about this as well is that it has the most important colour of all: black. That is one thing that the Morphe 35O lacks in so it makes it a bit annoying when you have to carry around a big palette as well as a black eyeshadow pot. Why they didn’t include it in the colour scheme I will never know but anyway, nothing is absolutely perfect!

The packaging of this is beautiful and at a price point of roughly €45 after postage it works out to be of decent enough value. The colour pick-up on this is immense- especially in the orange tones and that’s a good selling point for me. There’s nothing worse than darker shades overshadowing your lighter tones.

What I also enjoy about this palette is the shimmer eyeshadow. Goldstone is the perfect shade because it has a luxe, flattering finish. If you’re going for a more dramatic look, apply some of the shimmer to your lid to make your eyes really pop on that special night out. A nice winged eyeliner over it then and you’re good to go!

So there you have it. The must-have eyeshadow palette and brush kit to make you feel absolutely fabulous at any time. If anything, these are handy, everyday products to have in your handbag whether you’re off to work, on the move or heading off on that weekend trip.

What are some of your must-haves? Feel free to leave questions/ comments below!


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