August Favourites

Here’s a few things you’ll get to know about me: 

1. My favourite phrase is ‘Treat Yo-self.’ 2. I buy a lot of ridiculous stuff when I can’t even afford it. 3. I have never felt regret after buying a single thing if it has brought me some level of happiness. 

So, it’s been a pretty crazy year so far and I figured the best way to start this out would be to share what I have a passion for… monthly favourites! I spend quite a bit of time on YouTube and follow a number of different channels, and more often than not, I find it’s a great place to get some beauty/ fashion/ lifestyle ideas. It’s also something that I’ve been wanting to get involved in myself. Since I turn into a blabbering mess in front of any camera, I figure we’ll just start with the easy route for now, and that’s writing.

So without further ado, welcome to my blog!

Below are just some of the products/clothes that caught my eye in August. Seeing as I’m from Ireland, you shouldn’t be too surprised to find a swimsuit and a bomber jacket in the same post (trust me, it makes sense when you live here).


Warm tones in abundance

So I’ll be honest, I was slightly sceptical about buying this palette because though I heard good reviews from popular YouTubers… I ONLY heard good reviews from them and it got me thinking. “Maybe social media is lying to me?” But I have to say, the quality of the product did actually surprise me an awful lot in the end.

At a price point of $22.99, it’s a pretty cheap palette when compared to the likes of what you might find in MAC or Sephora. You get 35 eyeshadows which rounds out to just $0.65 per shade- a pretty good bargain if you ask me! With shipping and everything included it came to €41.41.


A soft day look

Now it’s not the perfect palette (but what is?!) I’ve used it a few times and I have noticed a couple things that got me thinking.

The Cons:

-Smell. When you open the palette it has a very strong, talcum powder smell. It’s not a bad smell by any means, it’s just a bit surprising because eyeshadows would usually never carry a scent like that.

-Limited tone options. You can probably see from the picture above, the shades are quite warm and similar to one another. It would be very hard to create a cool-toned smokey eye with this palette in particular.

-The wait. Delivery took forever so if you’re in a hurry to get this, don’t hold out.

The Pros:

-Ample matte orange tones. These shades are just right up my alley and the best part is you get quite a few to choose from. It’s easy to switch from a day to night look in a matter of minutes by just adding more browns to the corner of the eyes!

-Easily blended. All shades that I have used thus far, particularly the matte shades, are very easy to blend out. They have high pigmentation but there is hardly any fallout, meaning the shadow goes where it’s supposed to and doesn’t land on your cheeks.

-The shimmers don’t appear cheap. They have just the right amount of glitter and the subtle shimmer helps to brighten the eyes without it being too overpowering.

All in all, this is by far my favourite product of the month. Kudos Morphe!


Mmm… smells expensive

Okay, so this might have been a bit of a splurge. I was with my brother at Dublin airport and while he was off grabbing us a drink, I had time to go wild in the Duty Free. And boy, did I waste no time. I practically beelined for the fragrances to see what special offers were on store.

I’ve never had Versace perfume before so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually loved it’s sweet yet sophisticated scent. I usually stick to the same perfumes and go to the old reliables at certain times of the year (Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb during Spring/Summer) and White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor in Autumn/Winter).

But this one stands out among those as my new personal favourite.

The Cons:

-Longevity. The scent, while initially strong, does fade significantly after 5+ hours so a reapplication would be necessary around then.

The Pros:

-Fragrance transitions. With top notes of lemon, jasmine and peony, it’s a sweet but subtle scent that leaves your skin feeling quite refreshed and clean. I love how the middle notes of sandalwood come through after about two hours and this eventually fades then into a light musk. Very feminine!


Nudes and pinks

Kylie, Kylie, Kylie… why did you have to do this to me? I’ve literally spent so much time and effort just trying to get these five lip kits off your website! But they are worth it.

At $29.00 a lip kit, they’re not too expensive if you compare them to what you would find in MAC. Seeing as you get both a lip liner and a liquid lipstick in each kit for this price, it’s very easy to just convince yourself they’re good value. Aside from the fact that they’re promoted by Kylie Jenner herself (if that wasn’t enough for you).

Honestly, I didn’t want to like these because I figured if I didn’t I would save myself a lot of grief. These kits sell out incredibly fast, sometimes within a minute on the website so you have to be pretty fast with those debit and credit cards!

So far I have purchased: Candy K, Exposed, Dolce K, Posie K and Koko K. And they’ve all been more than O.K (that was a terrible attempt at a joke I’m sorry). Thank you Kylie Cosmetics for making my lips look not so tiny.

The Cons:

-Layering difficulty. You just can’t apply more than one coat of these lipsticks. When you do more than one, it just ends up flaking off and looks a bit crusty which probably isn’t the best look to be going for.

-Sticks like glue. It can be hard to wash off, sometimes I’ve had to use two face wipes just to get the smudges off my face from it all.

The Pros: 

-Fragrance. They all smell sweet, like a vanilla cupcake which is really nice!

-Soft. The lip liners go on incredibly smooth and they’re so pigmented that you could almost just use them on their own for a more simple look if you really wanted to. They glide on like butter which makes them much easier to use than standard liners.

-Dry time. The liquid lipstick dries on very fast and doesn’t transfer which is great if you happen to be eating or drinking.


Perfect for Summer!

So I managed to sneak away to Spain for a few days last month which involved quite a bit of last minute shopping. I didn’t have time to get beach bod ready (I may have indulged in a few too many coffees and cakes) so I figured the next best thing is a decent swimsuit.

Look no further than Topshop ladies! That’s all the advice I will give you.

The Cons:

-Price. It might have been a tad more expensive than your average swimsuit in Dunnes Stores or Primark.

The Pros:

-Comfortable. Ah, it’s clearly worth it though! They have a really good fit and this swimsuit is definitely true to size. I don’t really like “busy” patterns in general so I thought the clean lines on this one were really cute and the pop of colour with the green band was the perfect addition to the overall look.


Comfy wear

Which brings me on to my last favourite purchase of the month, the trusty zip up, checked, oversized bomber from River Island. This is just so cosy and can be worn with literally anything. It’s so strange to be into the Autumn season now but this bomber is perfect for this time of year. The little pop of pink gives it some lightness and if you pair it with a pair of light, skinny blue jeans, it looks amazing!

The Cons:

-Material. Is a small bit scratchy but you’d get over it.

The Pros:

-Aesthetically pleasing. It’s just so pretty, you can’t say no to it!

So there you have it, my five absolute favourites for the month of August. Check back again in a month’s time where I’m sure to have some lovely September goodies!

I’d like to be that kind of person that can sit down and just write their blog at will to make sure their site stays consistent and their posts are always on time… Unfortunately, I can’t write let alone think if I’m not having some sort of divine inspiration on a given day but at least you know that when I do write something, I really mean it.

Feel free to leave questions/ comments below!


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